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Eagle's Stand


Aspen Harmonies, Cariboo

Climbing beyond the limitations, the idea of an aspiration with no need for interpretation.


Lake’s Dock, Cariboo

As I sit, idly listening to the wind and water, I need so little to give piece to the mind to lift it out of strain to lessen the the faint and pale of this summer in the burning Cariboo.


Nothing Is Permanent, Cariboo

It has been one long forest fire burning summer so far in the Cariboo. Many of us here are next to major fires burning around us and wonder when and where it will all end. In the summer heat and smoke, this old homestead probably has seen it all.


Smoke On The Water, Lac La Hache

Hidden Away, Cariboo

Lost of, hidden away out of sight, clasped and clothed in the morning’s smoke. Out in the Cariboo’s way, out of light.


South of Williams Lake, B.C., August 4, 2017.

Flying U Ranch, Cariboo

“For every thing you have missed, you have gained something else; and for every thing you gain,you lose something.”_Ralph Waldo Emerson


February 2017 at Flying U Ranch, Cariboo, B.C., Canada.

July 14, 2017 at Horse Lake, British Columbia

Alberta’s Air Tankers, July 14, 2017

Four of Alberta air tankers just loaded some water of Horse Lake, B.C. (Cariboo) few hours ago.


One of Too Many Cariboo Fires

It is one of too many current fires burning in the Cariboo, British Columbia, where I reside. There are many road closures in the area and if you plan to travel to Cariboo check the highway road status before you take to the roads. The town of 100 Mile House is currently under evacuation status. Note this map is few days old.

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A Motion Away, Horse Lake, B.C.

Praise for the guys and galls that are doing a good job on suppressing forest fires in the Cariboo, B.C. Be safe and take care. July 11, 2017 @ Horse Lake, B.C.