Welcome to My World

It’s Never Too Late

Fading To Black and White

Painted Hills, Hat Creek

There are landscapes in British Columbia that stand out on their own, this image is of Painted Hills near Hat Creek.  I always wondered what this landform was known as and what mystical beliefs were associated with it by the First nations people, before the white settlers came.


In Winter’s Grip, Beaverdam Lake

Still Life

From little bit of planning, stray thoughts arise to be compiled in these new still life image compositions.



Reflections, Newfoundland

Lake Ontario

Against The Wall

Bald Eagle

Prairie’s Elevator

Somehow they outlasted the Dust Bowl, the Depression, and the tornadoes that terrorize the Great Plains of North America. An abstract image of one prairies’s grain elevator that still defies these elements to date.

20130806_4623 2